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     Lille is a native of Sparta Georgia. She is a graduate of Walden University.

     Lille founded "Stairway to Recovery after losing her son  in a tragic accident. Lille felt heartbroken and felt as if she would lose her mind. It was in that moment she prayed to the Lord asking Him, "Lord what am I going to do?".


     The Lord inspired her to began a support group for people that had experienced the loss of a loved one and needed someone to help them through that hard time, just as she did. Lillie was obedient to the Lord.


     Since its inception "Stairway to Recovery has been a blessing to many. 


     Currently, (due to the pandemic) in person events have been postponed. The group meets weekly on zoom for encouragement and prayer.

     For more information about "Stairway to Recovery" contact Lille at 478-414-8030

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